Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is hosting the 29th edition of the Conference of European Data Protection Authorities, which is the first international forum regarding data protection conference to be held in Georgia.

spring 29th data protection conference tblisi

The conference aims to discuss global challenges in terms of personal data protection, new standards in the field and the importance of securing the personal data of children.

Protection of personal data is of the highest importance for the Georgian government as it empowers the citizens’ rights and the trust to the government,” Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during the conference.

He said that the law on protection of personal information was adopted in 2011 and an independent institute for protection of personal data was created in 2013, which is responsible for the enforcement of the law on the personal data.

Bakhtadze stated that the comprehensive protection of personal data is a challenge for almost all the governments worldwide, adding that Georgia is eager to take further steps and share the international experience in this regard.